Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to use the people in your network ie; studios, digital marketing, producers?

No. Ultimately you can decide to use who you want to use, but we have a professional and elite group of music executives that we know can help you in any area of your music and financial career.

Can my manager or production team take part in the program or is it just for the artist?

Yes. You can participate, your production team can participate, or your manager can be your cosigner. Your cosigner can be a manager, parent, sibling, friend, etc.

What if I have everything in place as far as music & promotion & all I need is funding for tour support?

Once you get approved for funding, you have the opportunity to allocate that advance wherever it is needed to develop your craft/career. AFP will make recommendations, but if all you need is money for a tour (for example), then yes, you can use the advance for that purpose.

Will you intervene in the creative process?

Our team of experts will review your business plan proposal and encourage best strategy practices, but will not interfere with the creative process.


How do I apply?
  1. Find your credit score using www.creditchecktotal.com or www.experian.com to ensure a 700+ score.
  2. Write down your score and save your credit report to your device or your email inbox.
  3. Go to www.artistfinancialprogram.com and click “Apply."
  4. Submit full name, phone number, email address, age, credit score, & link to one piece of music.
  5. Submit application fee via PayPal within your browser.
  6. You’ll receive a confirmation email from AFP staff within 1 hour.
  7. You will be asked to email a PDF copy of your credit report, please follow instructions.
  8. The remainder of the application process is handled directly through email & phone calls with AFP staff.
How much is the application fee?

$50 USD

Do I require identification?


Do I need to live in the United States?

You must be a U.S. citizen.


How can I improve my credit score? How fast?

Credit Repair. We have specialists that we can refer you to. The speed of the repair depends on your credit profile and what is hurting your score. It could take as little as 1 or 2 months, but sometimes as long as 5 or 6 months. Regardless, if you don't qualify now, we strongly encourage improving your credit score. You will not have to pay the application fee again and good credit can dramatically improve your life, hence this program.

What is the name of the company checking my credit?

The name of the company running your credit is www.creditchecktotal.com or www.experian.com. - Both companies are owned by the credit bureau - Experian.

Will my credit score go down?

Yes, your credit score will take a temporary dip. 35% of your score is dictated by your usage rate. So, when we first secure the loans and begin using the money for real estate, your score will reflect those actions. However, as we begin making monthly payments toward the credit line, your score will stabilize and subsequently surpass excellent standings.


What determines how much funding I receive?

In order to receive funding a credit score of 700+ is mandatory. If requirements are met, the artist will receive an advance between $8K - $30K to spend toward their music project/career. How much funding is granted to an artist depends on credit score, credit history, and monthly income. Credit history and a monthly income are not required, but artists will receive more funding if they can prove that a steady monthly income exists.

How will I know that I’ve been approved?

You will receive an email from an AFP specialist within 72 hours.

If approved how long does it take for funding to begin?

Once approved, funds take an average of 4 to 6 weeks to become available to the artist. We encourage artists to apply and submit all required documents in a timely manner in order to expedite the initial process.

Are there monthly payments on the loans?

Yes. Every loan has interest and monthly payments. However, we manage the monthly expenses for you and make sure all of your payments are made on time. So, at no point will you have to come out of pocket.

Am I responsible for the loans?

Technically, yes - because the loans are in your name. However, we have a promissory note and personal guarantee in our contract for the entire amount given to us - by said artist - for real estate. So, we make sure your loans are repaid.

Cold feet: I changed my mind after receiving the loan, now what?

Unfortunately, the process cannot be reversed. We encourage that artists make firm decisions and know that they want to work with us before submitting applications. Once applications are in, there is no turning back.

Initial funding goes well; may applicant re-apply?

Yes, absolutely. Generally, 1 applicant can apply 2 times in 1 calendar year.

What will I be taxed on?

We are not legally able to give you tax advice. However, you will be taxed on the profit from the sale of the property.

How am I allowed to use the loan?

You can either present your own business plan for approval or you can have AFP assist you in developing your short or long term business plan for your career as a musician. Your enrollment in the program also gives you access to the AFP Resource Network, a nation-wide repository for affordable business, production, and marketing services that will be essential in setting you up for success in the recording industry.


How long does it take for a property to become profitable?

It can take up to 8 months for a property to be profitable.

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