Series: Money & Music Talks

S1E02 | AFP Process: Credit | Money & Music Talks

In this episode of Money & Music Talks, Eyan and David break down the credit portion of the AFP process. Learn why having good credit is important, why it is necessary for our investment opportunity, why people fear credit/debt, and how to fix your credit if it is not where it needs to be. Check back in 2 weeks to learn about the Real Estate development portion of the AFP process.

S1E01 | Wayne Halper | Money & Music Talks

In the first official episode of Money & Music Talks, we have an inspirational discussion with AFP general counsel, Wayne Halper. Wayne Halper is a veteran music attorney that has a wealth of experience that has led to real longevity in the business. Young artists, managers, producers that are trying to break into the industry – this episode is a MUST listen.

S1E00 | The Introduction | Money & Music Talks

Our new podcast, “Money And Music Talks” is here! Join us as we navigate the music industry through a financial and economic lens that can help you be successful in your journey and career as a recording artist, record producer, manager, or label owner. In our introductory episode, we introduce the AFP squad, including our background in the industry, and discuss several important issues to think about when building as an artist early on in your career!