Series: Money & Music Talks

S2E01 | Background: Eyan Edwards | Money & Music Talks

The crew is back in the official premiere episode of Money & Music Talks, season 2, featuring the first installment of ‘Background’, in which they dive into the story of each team member, each episode. This episode focuses on the CEO and Founder of Artist Financial Program (AFP), Eyan Edwards. Eyan talks about his family ties to the music industry, humble beginnings and how he discovered the money-making strategy that AFP was built on. From waking up in the middle of the night with a crazy idea, to flipping properties for millions of dollars, AFP wasn’t built overnight, and Eyan tells his side of the story.

Humble beginnings

As of today, AFP continues to grow… attracting new brands, label executives, partners and clients all with the shared goal of providing artists and musicians all over the world with financing to pursue their artistic dreams. Unlike a music grant, AFP doesn’t only provide artists with funding but creates total artist empowerment by exposing artists and musicians to AFP’s vast and global resource network as well. This vision started long before the crew got together. Before Eyan met David, Free or Dev, and in this episode of Money & Music Talks, Eyan delves into exactly how AFP came together and became the success it is today.

As the only son of the former Vice President of Capitol Records – Wayne Edwards – (having rostered artists such as MC Hammer, Brian McKnight, Tamia, Bebe & Cece Winans, and more), and a 2 time Grammy-nominated singer, Angel Rogers, Eyan has had great exposure to the music industry and behind-the-scenes insight from the time he was a kid. He saw time and time again, artists making it to the top of their field and then losing everything. At the end of the day, artists are creatives and generally don’t think of the business aspect of their craft. This causes so many artists to be taken advantage of and robbed of the earnings their short-lived careers reward them. As he noticed in his own mother’s life, the money doesn’t last forever.

Recognizing the patterns

It wasn’t until Eyan was forced to close his record label, ‘UNK NEW YORK’, after realizing he didn’t have the funds to pursue it any longer that he discovered how real and sustainable money was made. Working multiple jobs, hustling, Eyan was sleeping on his mother’s couch when he met a real estate developer that would prove to be an integral figure in his journey (and in the creation of AFP).

Observing artists like Jay-Z, DJ Envy, Rick Ross and Meek Mill, Eyan realized that everyone in the music industry that kept making tons of money even after the record industry stopped paying out like it used to, all had invested in real estate. It was from there that he used his talent for connecting-the-dots to develop his own system for flipping houses, soon having access to millions upon millions of dollars.

The origin of the Artist Financial Program

As a college drop-out who had tried every opportunity available, Eyan found that the secret to real sustainable income, was not trying to do everything at once, but focus on one single path and turn it into a cash-cow. But even after realizing a high-level of success flipping properties, Eyan still had his troubles breaking into the music industry. After a failed attempt at partnering with Sony and having his idea “borrowed”, he decided he needed to save his valuable ideas for himself and turn them into something big once he found the right team. That’s when he met David, who introduced him to Free and in turn, Dev… the rest is history.

Moving forward and upwards

Throughout this in-depth, Background episode, the four-man crew discuss Eyan’s journey and praise him for his balance of business savvy and love for the music industry. They then talk more about their goals for AFP, striving higher each year and creating opportunities and empowerment for artists. Artist empowerment, means making artists and musicians money to pursue music careers all while letting them keep their own intellectual property. This is exactly the goal Eyan had in mind when he set out to create AFP. As Eyan, Dev, Free, and David continue to provide artists with empowerment, financing, and resources, they continue to break down barriers as well. With clothing lines in major retail outlets such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, and their sights set on one day raising more than 1-billion dollars for artists and musicians around the world, AFP as a whole, understands that it’s all about working together.

With the revamped, ‘UNKNY’ Inc. back on the rise and providing AFP with a full-service media company, record label, and magazine, in which to work with, there is so much more to come in 2019. Stay tuned for more from Eyan Edwards, Dev Tejwani, Free Smith and David Tae as they host regular Money & Music Talks episodes. Next week focuses on Free ‘the dreamer’ Smith, his 30+ years in the music industry and how not to get fucked by it. Make sure to follow the team’s journey on Instagram, subscribe to the AFP YouTube channel and download new episodes of Money & Music Talks wherever you get your podcasts

S2E00 | Year In Review 2018 / What’s Ahead for 2019 | Money & Music Talks

Season 2 of the Money & Music Talks podcast premieres with a bonus-episode, looking back at 2018, how the Artist Financial Program (AFP) got started and what we can all expect going forward. This past year was monumental for AFP, raising over 1.2 million dollars in the last 6 months of the year, and providing funding/resources to more and more artists and musicians than ever before. In this episode, the team not only reflects on the growth of AFP but looks onward, discussing their plans to innovate and dominate the music industry in 2019.

Big announcements in 2019

AFP continues to evolve and grow as a team as Eyan Edwards, Dev Tejwani, Free Smith and David Tae constantly add to AFP’s vast resource network. Dev kicks things off by asking each member of the team to reflect on some of the trials and tribulations plus areas of growth they experienced in 2018. Free, talks to the growth of the team and announces some new and exciting developments moving forward.

Among the largest of the announcements, is the partnership with Metropolitan Groove Merchants (MGM), an Australian operated, global distribution company in which Free is heading the Urban department. Having a key member of AFP atop a global entity such as MGM reinforces the powerful resources AFP has at its disposal, to create artist empowerment for artists and musicians (of any age) all over the world. 2019, will also showcase the release of the first 100% tried-and-true product of the AFP system, featured artist, ‘Phaze Jackson’.

Empowering more artists and musicians

Within this season 2, kick-off episode, Eyan outlines the process in which artists (much like Phaze Jackson), went through to realize their artistic dreams. From working with AFP to raise over $100,000 through real estate investments to being provided with cash advances, production, song-writing, studios, photo-shoots, styling as well as access to social media experts, producers and promoters. Eyan tells the backstory of how his brainchild, ‘UNK NEW YORK Inc.’ (UNKNY), got started. He goes into UNKNY’s methodology, being influenced by Beyoncés Visual Album, and how the team will be using the multifaceted music, production, management, and distribution label to add to AFP’s growing network of resources.

Increased artist funding and real estate

Dev, giving up some great marketing advice to young artists, urges them to act as independent media companies and outlines the importance of pushing out fresh content consistently. He also details his own struggles in college starting, “Team Backpack” and shows his appreciation for being a part of the AFP team. Before moving on to the major take-a-ways of 2018, the team talks real estate and the power it holds not only as a smart investment but in creating cash-flow to pursue one’s artistic vision.

Major celebrities like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Meek Mill, and Jay-Z all actively invest in real estate for good reason. AFP looks to continue to strategically use real estate to move forward with increased resources and more funding for artists than ever before. The team also discusses how AFP’s aim is not only to provide artists and musicians with the funding they need but the skills necessary to build their audience base while still owning their own intellectual property. The days of artists signing their lives away to record labels for single payouts are gone. Today, front runners like AFP seek to help artists create passive income and financial freedom through real estate while pursuing their craft.

Big news for the future

As the episode closes out, the team shows their gratitude for one another and reinforces the value of hard work, dedication and staying close-knit as a team. There is much more to come in 2019, so stay tuned for more from Eyan, Dev, Free, and David as they host regular Money & Music Talks with the addition of special guests and hot artists. Make sure to follow the team’s journey on Instagram, subscribe to the AFP YouTube channel and download new episodes of Money & Music Talks wherever you get your podcasts.

S1E04 | AFP Process II: Real Estate | Money & Music Talks

In this new episode of Money & Music Talks, Dev, Eyan, & David discuss the true engine behind the Artist Financial Program’s proprietary process, Real Estate Development. In Part 1 of AFP process, we talked, in depth, how the credit portion of our program works. Here we break down each aspect of the real estate – including why we chose real estate, how we are able to advance the funding, and things we look for in property purchasing. E-Mail use any questions at info@artistfinancialprogram.com.

S1E03 | AFP Client: Lijah Lu | Money & Music Talks

In the third official episode of Money & Music Talks, Dev and David sit down with Lijah Lu, one of the first AFP clients and current Konvict Muzik protégé. Lijah talks about his start in music, where he is at right now, his relationship with the legendary Akon, and several tips for up-and-coming artists.