Money & Music Talks is back again, this time for the third episode of season 2 – David Tae’s Background. In today’s ‘background’ episode, we’re getting to know more about David Tae and his journey in the worlds of Music and Finance. David is one of the founders of AFP, so it’s great to get to sit down and chat with him. David has had a wealth of experience in the music industry and the finance industry.

David’s background

David was in the music industry for a bit, and got to work with some great artists- but says that he had a very sudden ‘awakening’ where he realized that he wasn’t in the place that he wanted to be in. He also realized that many of the major recording artists he was working with, weren’t in the financial position the world thought they were in.

He does state that he got some wonderful experience from working in music, though, and got to understand more about the industry from an inside perspective. After working in the music business, for a bit, David quit the business and got his real estate license and became a broker; entering the real estate industry with ease. David says that he wanted to ‘do something real’ and identified being a real estate developer as the best way to make some money. He discusses his desire to do something for someone else and not work for another person’s company.

AFP- the introduction and the vision

David then goes on to talk about how he got involved with the AFP. The team discusses his introduction to the company, and how he bonded with his colleagues through playing basketball. David says how he feeds off of people’s energy, and how he knew he’d found something good when meeting people from the AFP.

He’s then asked about his AFP vision for 2019, with some members of the team asking about why he left his successful real estate job. David talks about how he used to be in the music industry, and how he noticed that many people were financial down and in the bad place in life. He talks about how he cares about people, and how he wants to use his experience in Real Estate and in music to make sure that people are getting to the place where they want to be in their careers. It comes down to fulfillment for David, and he supports the vision of artist empowerment entirely.

The Money Maker

The conversation then turns to David’s experience and knowledge with money. He’s asked about his financial outlook for 2019, and then says that this year is a great time to invest and buy- due to all of the markets being down.

According to David this is the period of time where your money can make the biggest impact.

David then talks about how real estate is one of the least risky markets, and notes one of AFP’s key projects that’s occurring this year- talking about how the costs were so much lower that it would be crazy to actually be able to lose money on such a venture as this.

The conversation turns to the idea of fulfillment and being happy at work; with David’s happiness working with AFP being noted here. The team then goes on to praise David for how great he is to work with, and how dependable and efficient he is as a business partner.

David’s Vision

David is then asked what he thinks is the most important thing for artists to be thinking about this year. He starts off by following the topic of artist empowerment and musical funding, by saying that 2019 should really be your year for focusing on making money.

He encourages people to take a look at what they’re doing with their lives, and analyze whether it’s actually making them the right money or not. Being self-reflective is a really important personal skill to have, especially if you want to succeed in business.

He then goes on to say that he thinks that the worst thing that somebody could do this year is to hesitate. One thing that you don’t want to do is to get to next year, and look back on 2019 and go ‘damn, I wish I’d done that sooner’ or ‘I wish I’d worked harder on that last year’. David says that whatever you’ve got to do to be successful this year, you need to do it- he says that there’s no excuse this year for not being successful and not achieving your dreams.

Motivation and drive

To sum everything up, the team asks David what he thinks about people who aren’t striving for greatness or working with the AFP are going to get out of this year. He wishes people the best of luck if they’re trying to succeed in everything as a solo entrepreneur, but highlights the importance of working with a strong network of people- like the AFP. The team then finishes up the podcast by discussing the immense benefits of financial empowerment programs like the Artist Financial Program, and how working with them can elevate an artist to the next level entirely. They also discuss how real estate is a greatly viable product for funding musicians and their art.


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